Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flora socks and Flora's book

A chocolate colored woolen sock being knit to match its mate is top priority on my #2 double points as I meet up with Ginny's Yarn Along. I knitted the first sock (and I am wincing slightly as I type this) about two years ago. It has a pattern with a four row change, and perhaps due to a distraction, I made a blunder while knitting the second one. It was small, I could have knitted on and consoled myself with the thought it was only a sock, no one would know. But I could not make myself continue on knowing I had made a variance in the pattern. It was like something stuck between my teeth, a constant nagging thought. However, I did not have the fortitude at that time to figure out from whence I had made the mistake. It was better to set it in the basket for another more convenient time. This winter was the time, I put on a now or never frame of mind and thankfully found the mistake without too much difficulty. I am happy to report I am on my way to the turning of the heel. These socks feel so wonderful on the feet and how I enjoy wearing a patterned sock.

Last winter we spent many a night getting to know the characters in this book by watching the BBC's series through Netflix. I knew I must read the books sometime during my lifetime. The trilogy put together as one book was a Christmas present to myself. I shamelessly ordered it through Amazon, wrapped it up, and placed it under the tree. Then I displayed such smug satisfaction when I opened it for all to see on Christmas morning. Late February seemed the perfect time to open its pages and enter into the world of Lark Rise and Candleford. I look forward to reading this book every evening just like I would look forward to eating a rich slice of chocolate cake. A perfect match with the socks if I may say so myself. I  have named these the Flora socks in honor of the author of this great classic novel.
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