Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekend specials

There are those times that I would like to think I could ease into my weekend. Rise up on Saturday morning with a day of adventure and anticipation in my spirit, full of things to do and places to go without any hurry or lack. Reality finds me, however, discovering my own streaks of adventure in much smaller ways and nine-tenths of it works out to be plain attitude in approaching not only the tasks at hand but all the little extras too.
But I was able to sew on Charlotte's Easter dress and it is almost at the stage of completion. After  Saturday's appointment with my buttonholer and a threaded needle to do a little hand sewing it only lacks the addition of two more buttons on the back and then we are on to the final hemming.

Charlotte has assisted in the design of this dress. She accompanied me to the fabric store and chose a white eyelet with a light blue lining. Together we came up with the embellishment, a stack of yo-yos with a trio of the tiniest strands of dangling pearls. She is a pearly kind of girl after all!

Witt and Claire joined us for dinner. Somehow the momentum of the evening rose without any photos being taken. But is was lovely and a vase of forsythia with a few daffodils was set amongst us. I am always on the look out for a delicious dessert for Claire to eat that is both sugar and gluten free because I love her and want to please her.
After a dessert of ice cream and these extemely delicious little chocolate treats, we played several rounds of rummikub. Then it was time for them to leave, time change would create a Sunday morning with a muchly felt hour stolen from us. 

And if you have not checked out Claire's blog you should. She inspires me with her creativity, food and words.

at the shore cum amica mea

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