Tuesday, March 13, 2012

love of an old cat

I read just last week how to determine the age of your cat, or dog too for that matter. Penny was born in March 1993 which makes her 19 years old in people years. Let's see according to the chart that puts her at the ripe old age of  92 years old in cat years. Yes, that is about where I would place her exactly with her limps, deafness and octogenarian habits.

She lives in the bedroom that has now become my mother's room. My husband has dubbed it the geriatric room, a stark statement of truth which seems mighty appropriate. Though I do miss her sleeping beside me these evenings.

She ventured out this afternoon while I was in the sun room.  Then she meandered back with arthritic finesse to a common spot in order to take an afternoon sunbath in the foyer's afternoon glow.

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