Saturday, July 28, 2012

and speaking of kombucha...

 You might be totally clueless about kombucha, but I would guess you have more than likely at least seen the word around somewhere or heard someone speak of it.

In fact kombucha has been around for a very long time. But now the chances of you being given  a "scoby" by a friend is more likely because it is rather like a kindle that must keep glowing... being regularly tended... sharing the extra... teaching others... and drinking it for your health.

Eating healthy has always been a priority with me. In the days of my sons' childhood they can tell you about the food coops we belonged to and how they considered organic foods to be yucky. But that was probably due to the tremendous amount of snacks I would order and bring home and expect them to eat with gusto. Even I have to admit some of those foods had the taste of cardboard.

Today's choices and options for good healthy eating is easier. Finding the places to buy good wholesome food or even the resources for making your own is not that difficult.

I began brewing my own kombucha about a month ago. I have learned quite a bit about it but I still have quite a bit to learn. I am presently mixing mine with about one-third part organic tart cherry juice before drinking it.

And I have discovered another pleasant trick to the manner in which I drink my daily allotment...
 in a wineglass.
My husband and I will take our glass of kombucha and sip it before supper in the evening. It is that time of easing into the remainder of the day, a transitioning of sorts. A calming time with the added benefit of a healthy brew.

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