Wednesday, February 27, 2013

history and mitts

 Forsooth, I will attempt not to show any more fingerless mitts... for a while anyway! Alas, my way                     of thinking was that someone "out there" might just enjoy this free pattern to knit, especially if mitts and cables are your present knitting fancy. They were knitted on straight needles and then sewn up. I decided not to add the thumb because I thought with the visual weight of the cabled mitts themselves, the knitted thumb would only add extra bulk.
These knits were included on a past yarnalong, but maybe some of you would appreciate seeing the finished product.

(My daughter, Rose graciously obliged to be my hand model wearing these mitts. )

If you are wanting a recommendation on a good book about church history, this is an excellent book by B.K. Kuniper. One thing I am noticing in Christian circles, as a whole, is that many adults do not have a thorough knowledge of church history. I have discovered that having a greater knowledge of the history of the church has only increased by understanding of the people in history that He has used to write His story. It all unfolds as you study the Scriptures and time periods. This book is easy to read and a great handbook to pick up and get clarification at any time. I have read bits of it while sitting by the pool during a hot summer day, traveling in the car, before bedtime, or while grabbing a few moments with my feet resting on a footstool in the afternoon. 


no spring chicken said...

I'm so glad that you did show the finished mitts. They are just beautiful. Straight needles then seam, no thumb.. I'm thinking that might be a good way for me to try my hand at cables. It's been a very long time..

Blessings, Debbie

no spring chicken said...

I forgot to thank you for the church history recommend. From the way you described the reading in snippets I gather that it's not an easy read? Just wondering if it is something that I would share with the girls (not that they can only handle simple reads). :)


Cathy said...
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Claire Davis said...

Oh my word I love those gloves! The turquoise is gorgeous!

wayside wanderer said...

I always enjoy seeing your knitting even though I seem to be challenged in that area.

You asked about where I get my books...I use the library a lot, I also use a good deal, and I buy what I must, some at the used books, others from Amazon. :)

The dB family said...

After I knit up a few more hats, I am going to make these. My girls and my boy too are enjoying fingerless mitts this year. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I am also going to add your book suggestion to my to buy list. I never feel like I know enough about church history and the Engineer loves it, so it will be a great addition to our home!


Lynn said...

Beautiful!!! My daughter LOVES that turqoise. What yarn/color is it. Thanks so much for sharing - just reserved the book at the library. From Oklahoma - thanks you.

Cathy said...


The yarn is ella rae heather.

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