Monday, June 17, 2013

young apiarist

A budding honey farmer has begun her first on the job learning experience. Charlotte has from the very beginning shown a growing curiosity and keen interest in the bees.

 No gloves and no fear, the bees were thankfully friendly that day. She minded us when we told her to be slow in her motions when around the bees. It was almost as if the bees were cooperating to teach her the best lessons too.

 I was close, without any proper gear, so this picture is not the best and snapped rather quickly. The queen was presenting herself to us.

I was reading one of Miss Read's books recently and wouldn't you know it, a  character in the book, Village Centenary, is a keeper of bees.

"Heard the latest?" inquired Mr. Willet the next morning. "About the vicar?"
"He's going to keep bees."

orchid nursery

Once upon a time I bought an died. Years later, someone gave me an died. I thought there was more to orchid grow...