Tuesday, March 4, 2014

he is home!

We are all safely gathered in now.

 We left early with a backdrop of midnight blue skies surrounded by huge transfer trucks traveling the icy roads with us as we headed to the airport.

                                                                       April 2013
He left on a warm day in late April. I still remember the tug in my heart as I watched him walk down the airport stairs to embark upon a journey that would take him thousands of miles away for many months.

                                                                      March 2014
His only request was that we not feed him rice for a while.


Hill upon Hill said...

Oh how lovely. My eldest heads to SE Asia in a month!

wayside wanderer said...

He looks a bit older, I think. I'm glad he is home and you get to enjoy a reunion. And no rice. :)

Karen said...

So glad he's home safe and sound. I know how much you missed him!

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