Tuesday, June 3, 2014

strings in the garden

Saturday brought an event that is always looked forward to each spring.

             A concert held in my backyard with several young
           musicians entertaining us with their talent 
            on string instruments.

Afterwards,  the men grabbed the tables to set up, while the women threw on the tablecloths and set out the food brought by everyone. Covered dishes, I have found, work well for hungry crowds and relieved musicians.

Way back in January as the cold winds blew, Charlotte  asked to learn how to play Canon in D on her violin. Her dream and hard work came to fruition this May evening. 


Karen Andreola said...

What a lovely tradition - strings in the garden. To provide live music for appreciative listeners, with an eye on the upcoming event, lends added purpose to practice. It looks like mom is making memories.

Hill upon Hill said...

What a special event.

the wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful setting! I am guessing you don't have the bugs we do. I am sooo envious! I wish we could hear the music. :)

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