Wednesday, July 2, 2014

basking in completion

Both of these embroidery creations were begun this past winter. Both were picked up from time to time to stitch. Both were carried along to work on while in wait (which still involves quite a bit of my time), during car trips, while listening to music lessons, or during long evenings of unwinding. Summer is presently in full swing, and I have just completed both projects.

A pink piece of toile fabric, embroidered and made into a pillow for Charlotte's bedroom chair.

Feeling whimsical stirred the inspiration for embroidering this tea cozy. Today the outside temperatures are registering around 95 degrees; without a doubt, this tea cozy will be hidden away for another time when keeping a pot of tea warm will be the most ideal!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

The pillow for Charlotte's bedroom looks delightful - a nice mix of print and embroidery to tell a wonderful story.

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

So sweet, both of them. Strangely it is hotter there than it is here in Texas. We had a much needed thunderstorm this morning around 4am and it was only in the 70s this morning and 80s now. Very mild early summer for us so far.

Karen said...

Whew, this heat is getting to me! The past weekend was a wonderful reprieve, but today, I feel as if I cannot breathe. Hot tea definitely has to wait. I'll take mine iced this week. :)
I would not have thought to embroider toile! How very smart. It's just beautiful, as well as the tea cosy. All I seem to accomplish these days, is holding a sweet baby boy.

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