Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hill Day Yarn Along

When I was a child Wednesday was known as Hill Day, therefore, it happens to keep this description in my brain. Wednesday resides smack dab in the middle of the week, you reach the top of the hill and a coast down the hill begins until you slam straight into the weekend.

So it is on this Hill Day in the last week of January, that I contribute my knitting and reading pursuits of the week for Ginny's Yarn Along. At least two knitting projects and one crochet project are on my needles, or hook, at the present, but I am about to finish these mitts today. The yarn, Ty-Dy Wool, in the color of Berries, is being knit on # 7 double points with the pattern toast. I more than likely have shared this pattern before, but I love these mitts in their simplicity and function. Mitts are worn even inside the house by me throughout the days of winter, especially since I seem to lack warm hands during cold weather.

                                            "Because the road was steep and long,
                                              And through a dark and lonely land,
                                                God set upon my lips a song
                                               And put a lantern in my hand."
                                                                              ~Joyce Kilmer

Bess Street Aldrich writes a tender story, in this case about a  courageous woman who chose willingly and sacrificially to give of herself to her family, understanding that eternal things are the most priceless gifts we are given in our lives. A Fine Romance by Susan Branch takes you on a delightful journey to England, via the RMS Queen Mary. Her hand-written journal entries and illustrations flow throughout its pages making you feel as if you were stuffed into her suitcase to ramble alongside her to enjoy parts of the English countryside, the historical homes, and the sipping of tea in tea rooms. One evening I drew a hot bath to soak in and with anticipation opened its pages. One could begin and end this book with only one seatting, but my bath water became too tepid! But by the next day I had returned back home from my trip, just wanting to go back again( but for real this time).

reading and knitting with "small things"

I was pleased to discover Ginny had brought back her knitting and reading yarn along, because frankly I do find myself enjoying  the ...