Friday, August 1, 2014

the best stories

"Do you know," Peter asked
                 "Why swallows build in the eaves of houses?
                                  It's to listen to their stories."
                                                                                             ~J. M. Barrie

No matter how many times I might go out and come in through the doors of my house during the the tennis courts to take Charlotte to tennis lessons... to the pool for swimming... to the grocery store, well we do have to eat... out to meet up with someone for lunch... to drop Charlotte off at dance the store to buy paint, tile or flooring for home redos... to Latin fourth of July celebrations... to dine out with my husband... to church for Bible Study...
Home definitely tells the best stories of all.

Summers automatically write flavored stories of their own. And I like to think my house swallows build their nests with the intent to listen to these, our individual stories.

This was not at home, but when we returned home after a week at the beach, 
we certainly had wonderful stories to tell.

Some of our stories do, of course, involve food, either for simple family suppers or a gathering of friends or family.  You might want to try this carrot recipe, it is delicious. Pare boil skinned carrots until they are tender, slice into chunks, toss into a bowl with two whole garlic cloves, salt and pepper, olive oil and a splash of mild vinegar ( I used champagne vinegar). Cover and set for about twenty minutes or so.
 One morning last week I hosted a Biscuit Bar in my home with ten ladies whom share a common friend whose husband works for the American Embassy. This friend has been in Ireland for the past two years and will be leaving to live in D. C. for language study until they leave for China in the spring. I sincerely hoped to take pictures and give all the details of how I hosted this event. But wouldn't you know it I was so busy making biscuits up to the last minute, and timing is the key to this sort of event, that I did not even think about a single photo until everyone had left! But I took good notes if you are interested...

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