Monday, January 19, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook Resolution

Resolved- firm in purpose or intent; determined.

I should be more resolved to blog this year on a more regular basis. But honestly, I do not want blogging to become just another thing I must do. However, I did think it would be a wonderful resolution to begin this January week by joining in with the Simple Woman's Daybook. 

Outside my upstairs view, "naked" takes on beauty as I gaze upon the tree's bareness; the oak trees still manage to hold onto some of their rusty brown leaves

I am thinking...about tonight's supper.  Frozen meatballs made and stored in the freezer are thawing with the intent to add them to a red tomato sauce and brown rice noodles

I am thankful... for the day's sunshine, making my afternoon walk a delight

I am skirt, black tights, cream turtleneck and teal cardigan.

I am creating...flannel receiving blankets with crocheted edges for a special baby girl. I will share some pictures later.

I am venturing...nowhere else for the remainder of the day; an earlier trip out to drop Charlotte at piano while I stopped by the store for some needed items (like laundry detergent)

I am Rose is doing today.

I am get organized in space and mind this month

I am hope; to hold on and to let go...I know... an oxymoron of sorts

Around the new sewing and crafting room is taking shape! I spent time in the closet today, placing bins of yarns on the shelf. I purchased a new rug for the middle of the floor on it!

In the kitchen...wheat berries were milled into flour this morning, waiting for me to make some bread.

I am year's school choices for Charlotte

I pray because the need flows out of me
all the time, waking and sleeping. 
 It doesn't change God, it changes me.

                                                 C.S Lewis



a cup a tea while basking in the sunlight's beams


Laura said...

I am hope; to hold on and to let go...I know... an oxymoron of sorts

That seems to be a day to day thing for me. I hold on to Jesus and to His promises and I keep praying and giving it all to Him. I let go because I know He is in control and I can trust Him fully.

Laura said...

I am hope; to hold on and to let go...I know... an oxymoron of sorts

This seems to be what I do every day. My hope is in Christ and His word. I am holding on to Him and His promises. I keep praying because I know He is in control not me therefore I can trust Him and let go. But it is not easy.

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