Monday, August 24, 2015

lessons to learn

This mother of 32 plus years (my eldest son will be 33 in October) began another homeschool year with 12YO youngest daughter today. My second year of having only one student. My hats are off to those mothers with so many students to school in a day. I am slightly weary and worn around the edges this afternoon. I am taking a break from school instruction, laundry and household duties to post. I have a pretty teacup that Claire gave me setting by my side of freshly brewed tea with a dollop of "our honey" to sip for refreshment.

By seventh grade the holes in your child's academic record becomes more obvious, and a carefully laid out plan to remedy and close some of the gaps are devised. So much easier to speak about, but very difficult to bring about I must confess. I remember those days when my children were toddlers, the consistent discipline needed to  get them to obey was trying to the utmost, but promised to garner fruit in the end. The same principles are applied to schooling.

We will eat an early supper because ballet lessons begin tonight from 6-8. I think 7:00 is a perfect time for dinner, but 8:00 is simply too late to have a body digest a big meal and have a reasonable bedtime. I might just sit outside at the our local Food Coop and read, knit and do geography lesson plans for tomorrow. Or I might take my laptop and catch up reading some of my favorite blogs. Oh, the possibilities!

"Then let us all do what is right, 
strive with all our might toward the unattainable,
develop as fully as we can the gifts God has given us,
and never stop learning."

                        honey harvest

I hope your day went well!


melissa said...

Didn't know the range of your children's ages. Our oldest son is 30, and our youngest daughter is 13. Much in common, besides.

We begin classes here the day after Labor Day. And with the wedding Sept. fourth, waiting is even more wise this year. I'll have two this year--the youngest and our middle, 16 year old, daughter. Looking forward of just having the girls. Our youngest son who graduated last year was a bit hard to motivate. He's a good kid, just a bit stubborn. :)

Karen Andreola said...

The honey from your apiary looks incredibly fresh and delicious. Bees wax candles are my favorite. The best way to eat honey is on a spoon.

I like the quote you have typed out here. It reveals that you are a person of very high ideals. We can never attain such lofty ideals but you have reminded me that they are before us to keep striving for. I think of the ideals in Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

I remember sitting and waiting for my last-born child (and only student left) to complete an outside activity. Isn't it lovely to catch up on some reading earlier than at bedtime?

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

The honey harvesting looks fascinating Cathy. There are indeed many seasons to motherhood, each with it's own blessings and challenges, all requiring patience and perseverance, just as you are highlighting here.

vickie said...

Oh boy, 32 years. I am in my 26th and have two girls here at home still. 12 and 9 years old. Also homeschooling. I see the future in your post about having only one at home. I am hoping by that time there are grandbabies coming to visit. I am enjoying your sweet blog.

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