Saturday, January 31, 2015

instant pics

Remember polaroid cameras of your youth? Practically every family had one. It was instant gratification of photo developing at its best; a just taken photo pops out into your hands and develops in just a matter of minutes.

I would have thought those little cameras died for good with all the new technology involving digital printing and developing we have now, never to be resurrected again. I was wrong!

A desire of having a photo of every guest that attended Rose and Devin's reception was my motive; the hired professional photographers said they would do their best to get as many candid shots as possible, but no guarantees on everyone. I began to search for some means of having instant photos...and let me tell you what I found.

 This is an instanx mini 8 camera made by Fuji. Very simple in design and function. Turn it on, push a button, a film pops out, and right before your eyes your watch your photo appear! So cool!!

We set up a little area at the reception, then the photos were displayed on ribbons attached to a large ribbon frame. You know when it gets down to it, it is the dear people, your honored guests, who come and celebrate a very special event with you that are the best part of it all.

the 13th of October

Friday, the 13th, and at last the weather has turned cooler. I breathe deeply as I turn off the air-conditioner and slide open a few windows...