Saturday, August 22, 2015

more scattergories

B  Bridesmaid Dresses
        (August 1)                                
Claire's sister got married on a beautiful evening on the first day of August. Three of the bridesmaids asked me to alter their dresses, which I so willingly and happily altered while listening to podcasts on the computer in my sewing room.

M Music Camp 
        (July 19-24)
                             Every morning Charlotte would travel to the next town's university to attend a summer music camp. She would leave home at 8:00 A.M. and get home somewhat weary at 10:45 P.M., full days of music for sure. My husband and I would take advantage of the time in the evening to dine out in a wonderful restaurant or sit outside at a campus coffee shop. On Friday we were able to be in the audience of two daytime informal student performance concerts, and one formal evening performance concert.

                    ballgame right outside restaurant's parking lot           practice room on old Baldwin piano

D Dip and Dots
What can I say...they stand on their own splendid merit.

C Creation Museum
           (August 14)

Situated right at the Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana borders sets the most glorious museum. My advice is it is worth making the trip and experiencing this museum; God's Word is honored and upheld as total truth in this place. Ken Ham and his team ministry, Answers In Genesis, do a superb job of giving creationism validity. If you plan to go for a  visit, keep in mind it will take at least a full day to see this museum and planetarium.

O Ohio
        (August 15-16)

We visited with some dear friends that live in the middle of Amish country. As we sat outside on their side deck that morning, we were able to observe the horse and buggy wagons noisily ride by the road. Then later that day we rode through the green countryside and observed such wide open spaces and simple rural life living. We stopped at one farmhouse to buy a veneer basket and the wife offered to give us a tour of some of the rooms in her house. She was so kind and answered questions that must have seemed silly to her. 

It is Saturday, that makes tomorrow my Sabbath. I still have a few preparations to make to our Sunday meal, so I am signing off for now. Thank you for reading and leaving comments from time to time. I hope to visit your blogs this week and enjoy reading about what you have posted about recently. 
Lord willing.

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