Friday, September 16, 2016


Years ago I became aware of a Bible memory program that I liked, and I found that it helped me have a organized way to memorize God's Word. The boys and I would spend summer afternoons learning and reciting Bible memory verses that were organized into appropriate age groupings and particular subject categories, or Bible books, that made memory work easier for anyone who wanted to take on the challenge. Even Rose as a preschooler would belt out the verses from her ABC Memory book.

Most summers I will intentionally find bits of time to memorize Scripture.  Because of the development of smart phone apps I've now discovered Scripture Memory Fellowship has excellent helps for memorizing God's Word.

I am presently memorizing the book of II Timothy. Sounds ambitious, yet amazingly, the secret is dailiness. Taking time to be attentive to the effort of memorizing pays huge dividends.

I pray it will produce fruit in my life.

And speaking of fruit, scuppernongs are only in season briefly; I love their wine- flavored sweetness. 

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melissa said...

Hey sweet friend. Feel like I've been out of pocket, at least not commenting much anywhere. Anyway, your grandbaby is so sweet, and I've enjoyed reading about what you've made her. You have such wonderful stitching talent, which you actually use! :) Awesome grandmomma.

So, I'm traipsing all over the Internet blogging here and there, never landing anywhere for long, like a wayward child, but finally bought a name which was sort of cool, and have comments open. You kept asking me to, so finally I caved. Please come by.

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