Wednesday, June 14, 2017

.... of flora and needle

A family member gave me two little burlap bags last summer that she had received from attending a wedding; I was informed they were johnny-jump up seeds. I nonchalantly scattered the minuscule seeds in a little patch of back garden. And  then I waited all winter to be charmed with the happy faces of little pansy type faces springing up this spring. Nothing happened though I checked frequently.
But then this past Saturday I noticed this most unusual and stately plant growing here and there... and a faint memory was stirred. Could it be? I believe it is! I was tickled to discover a plant I have not had in my garden for many a year. 
Nigella... common and romantic name "love-in-a-mist".
 I have several plants here and there springing up, some this pleasing periwinkle color and others white with shades of blue at the center.
I just love surprises of this sort!

My needle has been engaged in smocking of late. I have planned two outfits for Ivy Elizabeth thus far. A mint green "watermelon" dress I found in my stash from when Charlotte was little. And a pretty floral romper which is in the process of being smocked with lavender threads to pull out the fabric's printed  lavender flowers.

During the winter months I would walk into my sunroom and the first thing my eyes would light upon were the African violets that welcome me in the sunroom. The purple African Violet was bought last winter, the two pink ones were birthday presents from Charlotte this past December.. Slow and steady, yet when they do bloom, what a thing of beauty!

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