Saturday, September 20, 2008

China Hunt

I truly enjoy setting a pretty table.
I found myself waiting in a long line early this morning pulling along a little red wagon borrowed from a neighbor. The mission was to scavenger hunt for lovely off-white china plates....Wedgewood, Spode, Johnson a huge company yard sale. Hunting through boxes of assorted china is not something I would normally do on a particular Saturday, but finding such splendid pieces became a pleasing game on this balmy day. I was especially charmed by these cream soup bowls. I like to serve cream soups in china cups and these will make it even more charming. I found several with gorgeous English patterns.

I will be able to have quite a luncheon with all these plates. I love the mix match, but just in case I am having an orderly kind of day, I also happened upon a patterned set of seven, with delicate, lace-like edgings. The etchings that surround the rim of the plates are the most absorbing.....I even found one with horses! I know who will get dibs on that one!

Tonight my table in the dining room is set with some of my new pieces; autumn china plates. I decided these were too lovely to pass up. Charlotte had so much fun deciding whom would get which plate.

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