Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picnic Days

Last year I was mindfully drawn to a picnic basket that was for sale. The former owner reported that she had purchased this unique picnic hamper in England and had hand carried it on a plane. Because my husband knows me so well, and he could see me smile from the tip of my head to the bottom of my toes with delight when I saw it, he generously agreed to purchase it for me.All the pieces were accounted for and attached to their assigned places, a perfect table setting for four. Look at the stainless silverware! I am not partial to eating on plastic utensils so this is by far my favorite amenity.

In my imagination we pull up to a hilly countryside meadow, open the boot of the car, pull out my treasured picnic hamper that has been filled with chicken salad sandwiches, havarti cheese and crackers, crisp granny smith apples, chunky brownies, and iced tea in the thermoses. The lovely vintage tablecloth is spread upon the grassy ground and floral cloth napkins are brought out.

But this is not just a daydream........ such picnic days are being enjoyed and it is only in my imagination that I hear the picnic basket speaking in a enticingly beautiful British accent, "How lovely a picnic would do today, don't you think?"

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