Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hotel Tea

A windy Tuesday afternoon in autumn is perfect for taking tea in a fanciful hotel.
The miniature roses caught the mood for daintiness and girly things. The afternoon sun warmed us inside and out as the day had turned rather brisk for this time of year.
The food was brought out and set before us on tiers and each plate was passed. Absolutely no one forsook anything offered.
The girls languishing after imbibing pots of tea with sugar cubes. The treats of chicken salad, roasted pepper, and cucumber (of course) sandwiches, crisp cheese wafers, shortbread, fruit, apple cinnamon scones with Devonshire cream and jam, and a delectable chocolate truffle had long since been eaten and the plates cleared by our gracious server. Minutes turned into hours and no one desired to leave .
Giggling and grinning, the little girls delighted in the huge revolving door. I must admit I was watching the fingers!

This was a first time tea event for my girls at this particular hotel, and one that I know they will remember.

It has been a favored afternoon tea spot for my friends and me through the years as we have met and caught up with the happenings of our lives and enjoyed the sweet comfort of friendship shared. May my daughters too know such things.

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