Thursday, October 22, 2009

art lessons

Since I believe art should have a place in every student's life in some form or another, my intentions of finding a teacher that could give Rose and Charlotte art lessons this year were strong. That's when a friend of mine informed me her college-aged daughter was planning on giving art lessons and would be happy for my girls to be a part.

This is where we find ourselves every other Thursday afternoon.

We climb the stairs to arrive at her third-floor apartment. The tables are covered with protective cloth while the pencils, pads and tubes of paint with their variety of colors are all within everyone's reach. For one hour creative juices flow along with helpful instruction.

But there is another entirely different masterpiece in the making here too, this particular art instructor just happens to be the lovely young woman Witt has fallen in love- yes, "the one". Count on hearing more about this in the days to come.


crochet lady said...

Creating is a necessity for me, as much as breathing.

Wow, what a double blessing in, "the one."

PAK ART said...

How wonderful! I was impressed with the young lady wanting to give art instruction and then to find out she's "the one". How exciting for your family! I dream of doing art instruction with children when I retire. I want to have Saturday classes and dabble in a variety of art forms.

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh how lovely, it feels Jane Austen ish.... art and romance.

Deborah said...

Oooh! This would be fun -- and exciting too!


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