Thursday, October 15, 2009

visions of this season

Leaving childhood behind is never easy. Reminders of this are present before me every day as I see my thirteen year old going back and forth from playing childlike games with her sister (a huge benefit are little sisters in this matter) to that stretching out to new interests and solo events. I try to give her hugs, lots of hugs.

Rather like the month of October I am thinking. Indian summer days, sunny and warm, shorts on still sun-tanned legs, and flip-flops on bare feet; then the very next day the thermostat is flipped to heat, warm slippers are dug out from the far corners of the closet and sweaters are wrapped around shoulders to keep the chill off from these changing cooler days.

There's a camellia bush near my driveway that softly displays white blooms edged in pink...lovely. It drops blooms onto the left behind flip-flops, that started out on the bare feet.

Visions of this season to which poets have penned such laudable words.

We pop pieces of candy corn from the traditional glass candy dish that officiously resides on the dining room buffet. Unless you have mastered quietly replacing the glass top, it will give you away every time.


crochet lady said...

Wonderful photos. I had to laugh about the candy jar lid, that is so true.

PAK ART said...

you take beautiful pics. I love the candy corn in glass and the soft petal on the flip-flop. Such detail. I think what I really like is the way you crop them - it makes them so much more interesting than just a full shot.

Deborah said...

Lol! The candy corn likely wouldn't make it into the glass topped dish. I have a very big weakness for candy corn.

Your photos are very beautiful!

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