Friday, November 27, 2009


I noticed the silverware was tarnished as I placed it on our Thanksgiving table yesterday. The same silverware my mother inherited from my paternal grandmother years ago. Finding out some things matter little and realizing comfort is found in the familiar even with its unpolished burnish.

The pies traveled well in the car and most were in agreement that a tiny slice of each kind would top the end of the meal quite nicely.

The day's temperatures were temperate and called for us to come outside, so while dessert and coffee were lingered over inside, Charlotte practiced "edge walking" out front, hoping to master her skill of walking on the edging.

This dress was made for twirling.


PAK ART said...

Your new header is beautiful - I love the pics of your girls. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of time spent with loved ones. Mine was good too.

crochet lady said...

Great photos on your header!

Love that twirly skirt.

Hill upon Hill said...

That is lovely. It is cold and rainy here today after being so hot all weekend. I agree, the silver should be just used and enjoyed.

Hill upon Hill said...

ooh, have just seen your header, so lovely.

~Karen~ said...

Love your new look here! Twirly skirts are so fun! I wish we still had little ones that loved them. ;o)
(Still waiting on more grandbabies!)
Have a wonderful week. We're back to school hard and heavy until mid December.

Deborah said...

Your pies look and sound wonderful!! I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Charlotte's jumper is adorable, I have a little girl that would do the same thing in a twirly skirt like that. I'm pretty sure I would even find it hard to resist twirling.


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