Monday, May 18, 2009

Crystal Plans

My head is spinning with the upcoming events for the wedding of a special young woman, a good friend's daughter.

I am so pleased you asked, yes, I am hosting the Bridesmaids' Luncheon. It must be what I "do" ......and I certainly love it!

Nine invitations sent, and nine accepted.

The crystal chosen for the place settings is my "everyday"Sunday crystal, made by Mikasa. Nice crystal, with an affordable average price, thus I can use it weekly without regrets for Sunday dinners. But I still hand wash it (if you are wondering). I bought only eight ice tea glasses in this pattern two years ago, but nine are needed for the luncheon. Off to the store I scampered to purchase more. Since I had to place an order, I figured why not get four more to keep this little mishap from stirring itself again in the future.

High hopes of the order arriving in time for Friday's luncheon. It needs only be delivered to my door by 12:00. I can then give it a expeditious sudsy bath and slip it into place on the table before the first guest graces my doorway. A very good plan.

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