Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding Bliss

Ordinary words do not suffice, visions to be pondered and memories of a thing of beauty, a joy forever will stretch over a lifetime.

Both of my beautiful daughters were a part of the wedding party of this precious bride who is greatly loved by us all. Charlotte, in her puffed sleeves, did an excellent job dropping rose petals down the aisle while Rose, nervous but composed, was a striking junior bridesmaid.

A popular gathering place was the candy table where candy abounded from glass jar to glass jar.There was candy to eat, lots and lots of candy. The bride had a tale to tell about all her pursuits of pink and green candy. A fanciful idea loved by young and old.

There was twirling of fancy dresses

and dancing of tired feet unshorn of shoes.

"Daddy, won't you please?" The most special dance of all belonged to Daddy with his tiniest Cinderella.

There was blowing of bubbles.......

and the capturing of bubbles.

The fragrance of this glorious day lingers stout.

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