Friday, June 5, 2009

Little Pressings

I am not a list maker per se. Little scraps of paper are not usually safe laying around my house due to my tendency to clear away, to pick up, for visual neatness in my home. The fact that I so readily dispose of paper drives my husband crazy. Yet I remind him we would live in a home with 98% scrap paper and 2% people if I wasn't so ruthless with the vast array of paper accumulating daily.

But I have been known to throw away important things too, but we will not go into that this very moment. I truly believes it all equals out in the long run and it keeps my home more orderly.

However, I do write down things in my journal that I believe are" pressing". By this I mean things that I would like to get done sometime in the near future. They are pressing on my mind as things that would be nice to be accomplished if possible. I rather think of them as wildflowers gathered on a late summer afternoon and pressed between the pages of a huge dictionary for later use. You know "pressings."

This weeks pressings:
  • cut more lavender stems
  • bake a loaf of whole wheat bread using new Pampered Chef loaf pan
  • cut out one of Charlotte's summer dresses
  • make a trip to the local yarn shop and buy yarn for the sweater I am itching to knit
  • organize the stack of books laying around my bedroom, from here to there ( apparently I do not have the same problem with books as I do with scraps of paper)
  • make a fresh batch of hummingbird feed
Now that it is Friday I reviewed my list and I can say all were accomplished except the making of the loaf of bread, probably due to my husband bringing home some delicious bread from Whole Foods this week, and the cutting out a dress for Charlotte.

And knitting this sweater is proving to be as fulfilling as expected. Lovely yarn, Debbie Bliss Prima in rich hydrangea blue.

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