Monday, July 13, 2009

Covering Chairs

On Sundays my family dines in our dining room. I pull out the good china, silver, and crystal and we enjoy sitting at a more formal setting, valuing the specialness of a special day. After all it is the best day of the week.

Because the chairs at the dining room table are used at least weekly let's face it, children drop food when they eat, or for that matter adults have a way of making their own sort of messes.

So many spots and stains had been scrubbed and some were actually able to be gotten out, but alas, some would be downright persistent in staying right where they were put without avail.

I know a lady who was willing to show me how to reupholster these chairs. Easy she says. I am such a team why not share the joy.....enter my gifted husband. I am glad to announce all the chairs are now beautifully recovered.

This past Sunday we all sat on the silk, taupe colored, newly covered chairs. My husband set a towel on each and everyone's chair. It was almost like being handed a bib.

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