Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls' Bathroom Muse

Seeing: Bunnies here, bunnies there, bunnies on the wallpaper border edged around the ceiling on buttery yellow walls.

Hearing: Gallons of clear lukewarm water pouring from the chrome faucet. Particular sounds may trigger certain sensations or memories. When I hear bathroom faucets running, a calm settles into a level of my unconsciousness, creating soothing impressions of approaching bedtime, an end to a full day.

Smelling: Herbal Essence shampoo, "Pink coral flower with an infusion of nectarine". Not being a connoisseur of shampoo fragrances, I will gladly take their word that the sweet smells attacking my nostrils are what they state on the bottle.

Touching: A pale pink terrycloth towel, within arm's reach

Tasting: Mint toothpaste oozing from the tube. Yes, they have had training on how to close a toothpaste tube, I am thinking maybe a refresher course would be helpful.

Squeaky clean!

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