Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This was the scene from the high, large window in my foyer that I was fortunate to glimpse as I passed through one morning. I wanted to squeeze its beauty and get out every last drop of blue sky and golden leaves. I settled for my camera and its macro lens.

The week at the lake with my husband was, if you will excuse a tone of vernacularism, "Just what the doctor ordered". I even found myself wishing I was heading there once again when Friday rolled around last week!

We made a quick stop by* Gander Mountain* on the way and purchased some new hiking shoes. These are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. We so enjoyed hiking on the trails of Chimney Rock.

Obviously, I have taken a respite of sorts from the world of blogging, or computers too so it seems, for the most part. Honestly, the days seemed to jump on a fast moving wheeled object and take off without looking back. But I would find myself thinking about those whose blogs I enjoy reading.
Easing back is the key.

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