Monday, November 16, 2009

Some of the things I have been doing

Making a pot of Vegetable Beef Soup. The colors of autumn stored in a glass canning jar. This soup can make for the most satisfying of lunches or supper, all one needs to add is crackers.

Snipping the most favored flower in my garden, I call them my garden gems, to bring inside the house; so what if little bugs come in to rest in the warm crevices or my house too.

Pulling out the newly purchased watercolors, brushes and paper to try my hand at capturing some of these lovelies. This is a newly acquired pursuit and even if my paintings are so elementary, I certainly enjoy the process.

Here are the cuffs that go on the dress that goes under the pinafore being made
for Charlotte to wear on Thanksgiving.

Rather has the beat to remind me of the nursery rhyme,

"Here is the cat that killed the rat that are the malt
that lives in the house that Jack built".

I have so much I could share of God's blessings in my life of late. And I hope to be able to very soon.But I wanted to just drop by and give some snippets of simplistic happenings that border my days too.

Thank all of you for your recent comments. My countenance is lightened upon reading each and every one. It inspires me to go on and attempt some more posts when thoughts of taking an even longer break have been cluttering my brain lately.

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