Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sowing seeds

Gardening for me these days usually means herbs and perhaps a few favorite flowers to tend. I also manage a bed of lettuce and spinach that keeps fresh greens on my table from late spring to early summer. If I had more space that would get ample amounts of sunshine in my backyard I would aspire to more vegetables and flowers certainly.

Sowing sweet basil seeds in a pot of soil is easy enough to do. Sprinkle the seeds over the wet soil, lightly spread a topping of soil and then apply plastic wrap to provide a greenhouse effect until they sprout. A plastic container would hold moisture the best, but I prefer the stalwartness of a clay pot.

A recent baking session, eight eggs alone for a German Chocolate Cake, provided containers for some nasturtium seeds. The rest of the seeds were sown directly into the soil yesterday. One can never have enough nasturtiums within my scope of beauty in any size garden.


crochet lady said...

I always thought it a good idea to use egg shells that way, but never have. I usually don't start seeds inside anymore, but kind of miss the excitement of that first sprouting leaf.

Hill upon Hill said...

I love your blog background.

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