Saturday, July 3, 2010

dressing in and dressing up

Since my basil plants are thriving and allowing daily clippings, this salad dressing was whizzed up in the food processor this afternoon. An aluminum foil funnel was quickly improvised and proved sufficient in transferring the dressing into a recycled Tazo tea jar.

Cotton fabrics in shades of red, white, and blue set on wooden dowels are dressing up the backyard for approaching celebrations.

Of course we are enjoying blueberry cobbler too!


The dB family said...

My basil is thriving too and I was looking for a new dressing to try. Thank you for sharing! I love the flags! What a great idea! Enjoy your cobbler!

Happy Independence Day! Blessings!

~Karen~ said...

My basil is doing well, too. I need to make this dressing again, it is so good!
I also enjoy the lovely flags you've designed. Very nice.

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