Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue

Every July I reach under the eaves and pull out our 4th of July box.

The pinwheels are still some of our favorite decorations. Little breezes start the dancing and whirling, then every once in a while a big gust gets the party going strong.

Cookout tonight where Witt and Claire will be joining us for beef ribs, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, and green salad.

The finale part one:
freshly churned strawberry ice cream.

finale part two:

finale part three:
after all have departed to their respective places to sleep,
just my husband and I with a quiet fire and bubbly.

After all, it is a holiday.

Happy Independence Day!


Hill upon Hill said...

That sounds wonderful. I imagine the fire is outside is it? Is it still so hot?
It is so amazing that you are experiencing suntans and shorts whilst we are in slippers, with heating and soup.

The dB family said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope you had a great day!


crochet lady said...

Summer days, holidays and family....what better thing is there?

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