Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Plumbline of Truth


I will be venturing further afield beginning tomorrow afternoon to attend training for Kay Arthur's Precept Bible Studies.

I will be staying in the home of my "cheesecake baking" friend for three days and three nights.

Rose hangs her head on my shoulder this morning and tells me she will miss me.

I love the study of God's Word, especially with an in- depth Bible Study.

Further up and higher still, my traveling clothes are ready.


wayside wanderer said...

I hope your friend will bake more cheesecake while you are there. :) And thank you for your sweet encouragement about my blog header. Have a great time!

~Karen~ said...

Have a wonderful time!

I LOVE precept studies! I've done about 6 of them I think (mentally counting them. ;o)) My last one was during the time I was expecting Alaina. We were doing Revelation, and I was between sessions, so I only missed about 3 weeks when she was born. Sadly, our church does not offer them, anymore.

crochet lady said...

Hope you have a nice time away and get to sample some yummy cheesecake.

Beth said...

Thanks for visiting today! I hope your time away from home is refreshing. And, any friend that's called a cheesecake maker is a friend indeed!

Beth said...

Thanks so much for visiting today! Hope your time away from home is refreshing. This may be a duplicate comment, if so, I'm sorry--my computer decided to freeze up on me at that moment!

The dB family said...

Hope you had a wonderful time filled with lots of learning and spiritual feasting as well as on cheesecake :o).


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