Monday, August 23, 2010

morning has broken

August begins to have other fascinations, and you do not have to look very far to enjoy their simple delights. The early morning light begins to change as the sun has a later rising time.

My most standards my vegetable garden is, well, pitiful. But the morning's harvest was gathered with appreciation and thoughts of BLT sandwiches later on.

What I consider very agreeable visitors joined me on the back porch.

Seventeen year old Penny even decided this delightful August morning was not to be missed. This is an exception to her rule, because as she ages she has become more reclusive, preferring the safety of my bedroom for the most part. Penny was given to my son, Alan, by my mother when he was five years old. She has been a pet member of our family for a long time. Somewhere through the years she "adopted" me as her owner, upon which I did not protest, since I fancy her.


The dB family said...

Penny is beautiful! She sounds much like our Sylvester who sadly only lived to be nine yrs old. We think he was mourning the death of our 11yo "Odie" dog as they were best friends.

Love the capture of morning light you caught in your photos - especially the catch lights on your wee one's hair. So pretty!

August certainly does contain its own beauty.


crochet lady said...

That first photo seems to have captured the morning mist and all the hopes of the day rolled into one.

Thanks Cathy for taking the time to read my last post and leaving your thoughts. I will remember to save the treasures.

wayside wanderer said...

The golden morning picture is perfect! And I am especially fond of the tousled hair of just awake girls. Even though mine are bigger now, I still love their morning sleepy look. Maybe the rest of your day be just as beautiful and peaceful!

~Karen~ said...

As sweet as these last few weeks are before school starts back, I can't say that I am mourning its passing. I am already thinking of cooler weather treats, trips, and decor. But you are enjoying it, as I should be. Time flies too quickly, anyway.
Penny is a beautiful kitty. Jazz has adopted me as his second mom when Alaina is not home. He is such as sweet kitty, and has to be in my lap whenever I am seated. There's just something very cosy and comforting about that.

Hill upon Hill said...

Aha! A fellow cat person.

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