Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My traveling companion

 Drinking from plastic cups is something I will not normally sustain. Yet this year I was given a *Tervis* tumbler as a gift, and I must say I have become very fond of it, especially on these hot, summer days.  Fill it with ice and a cold beverage and it will remain cold for quite a long while. It is reported to keep hot beverages hot in like manner.

But for now, it keeps any threat of dehydration from besetting me.


wayside wanderer said...

In an effort to increase my water intake and decrease my soda drinking (and Sonic Happy Hour visiting) in hopes of decreasing my size I bought a water bottle and have been carrying it with me, too. It is such an easy habit to get into. I like the idea of your tumbler keeping things cool.

Have you seen the metal water bottles that are popular right now? I just don't understand it because in this heat they make the water so hot that you could make perfect hot tea...which is NOT what I am thirsty for.

The dB family said...

How cool (no pun intended ;o))! It even has your name on it, so no one else can borrow it. It's definitely a summer for lots of water.


crochet lady said...

I carry my own water container with me most places that I go, although it doesn't really keep cold water cold.

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