Thursday, September 30, 2010

small leaps


     My soul leapt with the sight of rolled bales of hay stretching across an open field.


     My soul leapt while listening to M'appari, Tutt'amor. I had to close my eyes.


     My soul leapt as my hands scrunched a skein of soft black wool, velvety softness to knit into a pair of fingerless gloves.


     My soul leapt when I came in the door and the smell of skillet cornbread welcomed me.


     My soul leapt upon tasting a small square of dark chocolate, my stash.

So what may be causing your soul to leap?


wayside wanderer said...

Two monarchs emerged this morning and that was a great delight and I spied one, just one, orange leaf on the ground that had fallen off our Bradford Pear tree.

Carolina Gal said...

Dark chocolate stash? Me too. Wonderful things to be thankful for. Finally seeing a colored leaf, instead of a dead one fall to the ground. The cool blast of morning air this morning as I was out and about very early.
So many things to list!

crochet lady said...

Such lovely leaps.

Right now my soul is leaping at the way the trees are shining with the last glint of sunlight before it slips away for the day.

The dB family said...

Such wonderful leaps!

I am delighting in the piano music of David Nevue right now. I don't think I will ever tire of his work.


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