Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Classical Homeschooling

The phone rang about 9:15 last night, at the time that I am thinking it is time to be letting the day's activities slow down to a steady drip, yet here was a request made out of desperation. Would I be willing to tutor the Classical Conversations first grade class tomorrow morning?

Maybe I should give a bit of explanation here. I signed Charlotte up for Classical Conversations as a part of her homeschooling this year. We go every Tuesday morning from 9-12 where a tutor gives instruction in history, grammar, science, Latin, math, geography, music and art. Also included is the Veritas time line cards and science experiments. The child's parent is required to attend with the child and is responsible how the material will be used at home as part of homeschooling. I have found this curriculum to be rich in the material offered and I personally love the freedom of using the program in whatever manner I decide.

Weekly presentations are given by each child regarding the material of the past week. Charlotte's presentation today was on Latin noun endings, first declension.

As it turned out, the tutor showed up and I did not have to teach.
So volcanoes, the area of a circle and the rivers in Africa were some of today's lessons addressed by someone other than me, and due to the limited time I had to prepare, that was a very good thing.
I do so love the process of learning and relearning which homeschooling provides.

And after lunch and playground, friends came home with us to play for several hours.

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