Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bread for my table

It does not take much to entertain my mind these days. I am nurtured in being carried away with just the thought of the most simplistic of activities. So it has been this winter with the desire of making bread on a more regular basis.

This book landed in my book basket at the library with a loud thump this past week and I knew I was destined to discover how to make this activity possible in my already full day.

Almost a week was needed to acquire the suggested tools given in the book, but I had decided in order to make it work as flawlessly as possible, I would take the author's advice. After all, he did write the book. The pizza peel was a tool I did not own until now.

Today was rainy and dreary, therefore, the smell of bread baking in my kitchen was a good thought. There were a few minor mishaps. Note: Be sure to use a container big enough to hold the rising dough.

The timing of steps given in the book were rather accurate, so I was able to bless my family tonight with an artisan loaf of bread to eat along with the turkey meatball soup.

Another mishap was the making of only one loaf...two would have been better, especially since Witt stopped by and ate dinner with us.

I now have a large circular Tupperware container in my refrigerator holding dough that will be made into tasty loafs of bread in the days to just five minutes.. and I do believe that is correct timing.

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