Friday, May 7, 2010


If there ever was a month that describes a saying,"I have been running since my feet hit the floor this morning", then it must depict the merry month of May in levels and opportunities of activity.

On the sidelines of a long stretch of activity this week:

I found myself in a strawberry patch picking strawberries and in the kitchen flipping pancakes and baking strawberry bread. A new sweetener was brought to my attention this week which I must report is quite marvelous. I was even able to pour it over my pancakes instead of syrup and it received an A+ for texture and taste. A little experimenting with strawberry bread, one loaf with the agave syrup and one loaf with sugar, and no difference could be found.
  • The amount of liquid in your recipe must be reduced by 1/4,
  • you must lower your oven's temperature by 25 degrees,
  • add 2/3 to 3/4 less agave syrup than sugar called for in your recipe.
There is a quirk that creeps up on me every once in while. I have learned to live with it and there are even times I can make something creative and tangible come about as a result of it. This seeming quirk clears the overwhelming fog that I may get lost in when there is so much to do. It rather goes with my own little saying, "It will all get done by and by."

So one foggy day I embroidered wispy wildflowers on a piece of felt, the outside of a colored pencil holder for Charlotte.

You can find the directions in Amanda Soule's, The Creative Family. I thought I would edge the outside of my holder with a black blanket stitch to complement the rolled spirals with a bit of snappiness.

Girlish and useful, for an almost seven-year-old artist in residence.

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