Thursday, March 17, 2011

think green

The concentration of green has not gone unnoticed today. I find myself looking for green things as I go about my busy way.

  • Green traffic lights while chauffeuring children here and there.
  • Green street signs as I traveled along side streets
  • Green, spring green, grass...oh, it is so lovely
  • Green sweater thrown on as I was to review children for geography, and I know they will pinch
  • Green pesto in my spaghetti sauce

And sightings of prisms, over hues of green and blue.

1 comment:

The dB family said...

I never thought about it being St. Patrick's Day until the Engineer and I were out and about looking at lighting for our new dining room. We decided we should have a Shamrock shake. Guess what? They were all out. So, we settled for apple crisp flurries instead. Yum :o)!

Those greens are beautiful and I love how you capture the prism of colours on the one. Beautiful!


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