Friday, March 4, 2011

chocolate kisses


My father loved chocolate kisses. Therefore,  when he arrived at our house in December we filled a basket full of them and he would have his daily fill of chocolate kisses. The day finally came when he was no longer interested in eating them and he would call Charlotte over to his bedside and place one in her hand. She became very proficient in asking for them until the basket was empty. 

The process of grief can take sweet forms too. We made a trip to *Target* and purchased bags of chocolate kisses which were poured  into a silver-plated bowl. They were set on a pedestal beside my father at visitation Tuesday night. 

Handfuls of sweet chocolaty remembrances.
 Daddy would have liked that.

of muffins, casseroles, soups and pastries

Food for thought- Grieving does not negate hungry bellies. While mealtimes come and mealtimes go, someone must provide food to eat and nourish- plain and simple truth. Funny how I have not given much thought to it these days, the means of how it will be purchased or who puts it on the table.

But others know. My door bell rings and there is our next meal.

Thank you.

at the shore cum amica mea

So it was that on Thursday afternoon we headed out to the beach, two young girls (Charlotte and her friend), me and my friend, and Rancher, ...