Saturday, July 9, 2011

a "spoonful" of sugar

Rose is having a few friends over tonight for a cookout. Seeing that this week has been a myriad of t-storms the cookout will more than likely move inside...sounds familiar.

We eat fairly healthy around here...for the most part. I have been preaching healthy eating habits for years and serving foods that are good for you. Notice I put that in italics because there are those around here that carry a different perspective on the word good. But I do not stuff food down your throats. I present it, even give adequate explanation when needed and leave it at that. You know the saying, "you can lead a horse to water but..."   Limiting the intake of sugar in our diets has been like a challenge course...probably up there with swimming the English Channel. Sugar in moderation is my mantra, and I have even convinced myself that Truvia in my morning's cup of coffee is rather good..or at least okay.

Because of the 12 teenagers coming this evening, cookies were baked; an all time favorite, chocolate chip. And sometimes you just have to add sugar, the masses are satisfied and I find dogmatism has no platform. I do cut back on the amounts of sugar though, and I do not think it is missed one little bit. Handfuls were taken and devoured.

cooling on these hot days of July....I like that!

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