Friday, August 19, 2011

the sound of watermelon

"I hear watermelon".

These were the words out of Rose's mouth as she walked into the kitchen just as I was sliding a knife through the green rind of a watermelon. Funny, when I perceive watermelon it is the sweetness of its taste, the appealing shade of red and the feel of its juice running down my bare arm.  But all senses do escape in that pop!

There is something I need to add here, no two things. Charlotte meticulously checks out every slice of watermelon for seeds before she eats it. Her opinion is that watermelons are not to have seeds, any seeds whatsoever. Sad, I know. She will never know the fun of spitting watermelon seeds from here to yonder.

And as for the blue rubber hair band in her hair....I was straightening the kitchen counters and to get it out of the way, I slipped it onto a bit of her hair. Better hers than mine. But it is perched in a comical way I think as I watch her eat her "seedless" watermelon.

music flow wrapper

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