Wednesday, November 30, 2011

on this last day of November

I am in the last days of drinking my morning's cup of coffee in this mug of mellow colors which remind me of fall, and thoughts of paisley spring into my mind too for some reason. My Christmas mugs have been pulled out from under the counter and are now settling in beside the coffee machine.

But this November morning was so restful, the sun was flooding my space and I wanted to remember the moment.

And just so you can be assured I am totally satisfied from my fingers... 

... to my toes.
(I  can get somewhat amused by all the feet I sometimes see online, therefore, it took quite an indulgent whim to post this picture of my feet).

 But don't you like my Toms?

On this last day of November I've ran about town a bit with scheduled morning orthodontist appointments, early afternoon piano lessons, and some Christmas shopping thrown in between times.  School is carried on too, either in the car or upon returning home.

at the shore cum amica mea

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