Wednesday, January 18, 2012

knitting and reading and...


Several months back I was reading Gigi's blog and I ran across two things that interest me immensely, knitting and reading. I had toyed with the idea of officially joining this group even though I do not usually do these sort of things.

Today was the day. You may join up too,  here.

A grape shrug for Charlotte, it feels like a hush. If anything could ever feel a hush that is. Actually, I completed knitting this shrug recently but I am considering knitting her another one using cotton yarn for the springtime.

Have you ever read D.E. Stevenson? If not, please allow me to introduce her to you. She is a British writer who wrote mainly in the 1930's through the 1960's. She writes the most enjoyable stories. Check your library shelves or stacks, several of her books, thankfully, still remain on my local library's shelves.  A good rummage through some old book stores would be nice to see if I can stumble upon any of her treasures.


Pieces of Sunshine said...

The shrug is beautiful Cathy. I love the style, the edging trims and the colour.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh my, the shrug is absolutely beautiful! I am so impressed that you can knit such things. The color is fabulous.

Karen said...

Your knitting is beautiful, Cathy. I love the color, too. It looks like it would be so soft to wear.
I'm blogging at Creek Farm Cabin again. My girls are going to open an etsy shop soon, and asked me to contribute and reopen the blog.

Karen Andreola said...

The plum/purple shrug is so sweet. I wonder if you put a crochet stitch along the ribbing. I will look into my book, "Knitting on the Edge" and see if it is there.

Cathy said...


Yes, there was a bit of crocheting on the shrug. The edging is a simple picot edge. If you can not find it in your book let me know.

Karen Andreola said...

Thank you Cathy, for answering my question. Crochet is not as "simple" to me as knitting but with the new DVD I have for crochet I'll keep my eyes open for a picot stitch that gives a feminine touch that you picture on your pretty shrug. I know that there are also knitted picot edgings.
Thank you for your comments on my blog, too. They' re so cheering.
Karen A.

The dB family said...

It is a hush. It reminds me of that rich colour at dusk. When everything is quiet for a brief moment. It's beautiful! You are a very gifted knitter. I will be adding a new author to my list of must read books.


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