Monday, February 13, 2012

criteria for surprisingly great dessert

Today I want to share a surprisingly great dessert. There are two assertions for causing me to elevate this dessert to such a position and giving it the label of a "surprisingly great dessert". First, it is beautiful in its simplicity, only requiring two ingredients, pizzelles and nutella, which understandably have now become staples on my pantry shelf. Then the delicious combination of  chocolate and hazelnut with the the anise or vanilla flavored thin wafer. A little sweet crunchiness running together with oozing smoothness.

 An excellent ending to a Sunday dinner, alongside an afternoon cup of tea, or even served to your dinner guests complemented with a cup of gourmet coffee.
It does not disappoint.

Just spread the nutella on a wafer and top with another wafer. I like the anise flavored pizzelles, but some might not so you might consider the vanilla flavored ones if the taste of anise is not to your liking.

Semplicemente elegante!


Karen said...

Oh, Nutella on ANYTHING! It's so good. My favorite by far, sliced apples dipped in warmed Nutella.

The dB family said...

Oh those would be perfect! I'll have to remember to buy pizelles next time I'm out and about. Have you ever had Nutella hot chocolate. Heat milk and chosen amount of Nutella in a saucepan, stir until almost boiling. Pour into mugs and enjoy :o).


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