Thursday, April 12, 2012

opening a world

on my needles...

A certain young woman will be making a very good friend of mine a first time grandmother this summer. I am sewing and knitting for this little sweet self already. The knitted baby wash cloths pattern can be found here. (linked from Ravelry)

Another Amazon book order arrived via UPS recently. This afternoon I was sitting outside on the back covered porch knitting a simple pattern of a cotton baby wash cloth in blue, and a brewing storm drove me inside to the sun room. I just switched one wicker chair for another, while Rose finished  her piano lesson.

 Oh, I have not mentioned this before now. The girls' piano teacher has been coming to my house one afternoon a week to give them their weekly lessons since I  am now caring for mother in my home. This has been a tremendous help, the little things do matter. The freedom to leave the house whenever we want to is just no longer a possibility. 

This book was left laying on the couch waiting for me to find a quiet moment and I was almost shaking with anticipation as I picked it up and opened its front cover. I can tell already it will be a much favored book. It has the potential to take me places, to other worlds; a world of sheep in pastures green and wool being shorn in the springtime;  a world of multifarious yarn in  woven baskets, yarn in the hands with knitting needles creating, a rainbow of colorful yarns in open bins begging to be handled; a world of spinning wool rolags and various other fibers that might leave lanolin-laden fingers behind;
 a world containing countless information about the rich history of knitting.

 ...a world of happy things.

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Pieces of Sunshine said...

Some special joys in this season of home-bound living. Lots to look forward to.

wayside wanderer said...

I spy some very pretty, cheery pillows in the background. I like them! What a blessing to be able to continue lessons. Small kindnesses as you demonstrate the ultimate...

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