Thursday, July 19, 2012

gleaning treasures

While Rose is away at camp Charlotte and I must do her daily animal maintenance. Thankfully, Charlotte, takes care of Mr. Putter while I, thank you very much, get the zebra finches. 

Cleaning "the sisters" cage netted a teeny cupful of delicate little eggs. We have raised "the sisters" since birth over three years ago. Every time I see their presentation of eggs I can't help thinking, "A girl's got do what a girl's gotta do!" Of course, they are unfertilized (google facts of life if needed).

These gleanings were put into a handmade clay pot that was being kept in a drawer in the kitchen's cupboard
I flipped it over remembering when it was first gifted into my hands...

...a treasure


Claire Davis said...

I couldn't help but think...that's the year I was born. Very sweet.

I bet the Finch babies that hatched are adorable. New life is amazing no matter what.

wayside wanderer said...

What sweet treasures, indeed, and those tiny eggs, well, I didn't think about birds doing that, but it makes total sense. I have a friend with a house full of parrots, I wonder if her birds do that. know, I think her birds might all be boys.

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