Tuesday, July 17, 2012

joy seized

"The moments of joy we enjoy take us by surprise.
It is not that we seize them, but they seize us."
-Ashley Montagu

The first official day of summer found me at the seashore, while at home the deer greedily feasted on my beautiful blooming lilies. But the past month has indubitably seized me with an array of things providing moments of sincere joy on these summer days.  I never seem to get all the things done on the list conjured up in my brain back in the merry month of May. The list is purposed, thought out and harnessed while summer is looming as on a vast horizon. Experience continues to teach me the enjoyment of the unexpected moments.

A day in early July Claire and I did something we had been wanting to do for some time; getting together and preparing a batch of fermented vegetables.  French Cafe played on Pandora accompanied by the constant background hammering as the workmen were putting down hardwood floors in my bedroom.

The floors are completed now, beautiful and smooth, and we have just this week moved back into our bedroom. We moved mother  here on a day in late January. Hardly believing that was over five months ago.


wayside wanderer said...

The pizza is very tasty looking. I've never had fermented veggies, though. Hmmm...
Since your last post I have tried to enjoy being in the kitchen more. I think I need more practice.

Claire Davis said...

I had a good time that day chopping and dicing with you. I am enjoying my veggies! Trying to get Witt hooked on them...we'll see.

Love the picture of Charlotte swinging.

Karen said...

I've also wanted to try that, but procrastinated on it. I will have to try it soon, it looks delicious!
Love your pretty new floors, too.

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